Manage & Value your Legal Department

Share matters. Improve efficiency. Develop KPIs and dashboard for General Counsels.

Implement your own Matter Management System

Value your legal function

Manage your legal community

Develop dashboards & KPIs

Innovate & Collaborate

Secure your data

Features & UX

1. A dynamic and 1-click management of your legal department

  • Create a matter in less than 60 seconds
  • Manage your legal team in person or remotely and identify the main risks and workload of each person
  • Choose confidentiality and access rights and define who sees what in 1 click.
  • Centralize your documents as attachments in the tool to facilitate sharing
  • Set up alerts so you don’t forget key dates on your matters (contracts, litigation, corporate, intellectual property, etc.)
  • Ensure history, traceability and auditing

2. Real-time and personalized dashboards

  • Generate dynamic reports with a variety of data analysis and graphs
  • Allow each user to create their own dashboards based on their scope or area of expertise
  • Allow internal stakeholders to follow their matters carried out by the lawyers of your department
  • Download your reports in Excel, pdf, jpeg or print them directly from the platform

3. More efficient collaborative work

  • Share the “who does what” between lawyers and internal clients
  • Transfer files in 1 click from one lawyer to another depending on their workload or availability
  • Search in all matters via the search bar on all or part of a word.
  • Communicate with your internal clients by setting up automatic reporting
  • Customize your automatic reporting by selecting filters for the matters you want to share or the relevant graphics.
  • Manage your law firms’ fees
  • Optimize the follow-up of your litigation provisions with the financial department
  • Simplify your processes and save time for your lawyers


4. Easy adoption and updates, without computer skills!

  • Adopt by your teams in less than a month (SaaS solution)
  • Customize and update easily: “The lawyer’s friend!
  • Discover an intuitive tool with an optimized user experience
  • Ensure efficient and autonomous data recovery thanks to an import module


Multi-year digital roadmap and upcoming features.


Dashboard for General Counsel
  • Monitor the activities of your legal teams…
  • Create KPIs in order to manage and value your legal Department
  • Prioritize workload by in-house lawyers
  • Identify business impacts and key legal risks
Dashboard for Top management
  • Consult legal dashboard with metrics and KPIs such as level of urgency, business impact, value… filtered by internal stakeholders
  • Consult in one click all information on matters with high business impact or high legal risks
  • Keep following up all matters with high added value
Dashboard for in-house lawyers
  • Identify and share your matter: status report, business impacts, legal risks,…
  • Manage your activities and workload
  • Transfer matter to the relevant in-house lawyer
  • Improve legal project management


  • Main actors in the Energy industry
  • Big players in the Banking industry
  • Leading companies in the Hospitality industry
  • World famous Fashion brands
  • Leading companies in the Automobile industry
  • Key players from the Mining industry



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