Manage & Value your Legal Department

Share matters. Improve efficiency. Develop KPIs and dashboard for General Counsels.

Implement your own Matter Management System

Develop dashboards & KPIs

Innovate & Collaborate

Secure your data

Value your legal function

Manage your legal community

Features & UX

1. Build your legal dashboard in one click


  • Create a matter in less than 60 seconds
  • Manage your on-site or remote legal team and identify key risks and in-house lawyers workload
  • Generate dynamic reports and legal dashboard with a variety of charts, pivot tables and legal data analytics
  • Demonstrate your legal department value to key stakeholders and top management

2. Implement self-service steering tool

  • Allow in-house lawyers and internal stakeholders to align legal work with business needs.
  • Create and edit legal dashboard for your stakeholders empowering them the ability to drive businesses forward
  • Allow stakeholders to understand and follow-up the legal work done for their team and function
  • Extract your reports in Excel, pdf. , csv. or print them directly from the platform

3. Enhance sharing and collaboration

  • Share insights and legal data analytics with your legal team
  • Share with in-house lawyers who does what
  • Implement legal project management dashboard with your legal team, with a high level of confidentiality and pre-defined access rights
  • Identify in-house lawyers workload; reassign legal matters; improve the efficiency of your legal team (on-site or remote teams)


4. Adapt confidentiality and access rights

  • Access adapted to all levels of in-house lawyers, following your own department taxonomy
  • Define who sees what in just one click
  • Give access to internal stakeholders
  • Define dashboard per entity, geography, business, practice, risk, outside counsel…



5. Easy to implement and to update, no IT needed!

  • Easy to set up – less than a month (SaaS solution)
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to update: “Lawyers’ friendly”
  • Update history and audit trail


Multi-year digital roadmap and upcoming features.


Dashboard for General Counsel
  • Monitor the activities of your legal teams…
  • Create KPIs in order to manage and value your legal Department
  • Prioritize workload by in-house lawyers
  • Identify business impacts and key legal risks
Dashboard for Top management
  • Consult legal dashboard with metrics and KPIs such as level of urgency, business impact, value… filtered by internal stakeholders
  • Consult in one click all information on matters with high business impact or high legal risks
  • Keep following up all matters with high added value
Dashboard for in-house lawyers
  • Identify and share your matter: status report, business impacts, legal risks,…
  • Manage your activities and workload
  • Transfer matter to the relevant in-house lawyer
  • Improve legal project management


  • Main actors in the Energy industry
  • Big players in the Banking industry
  • Leading companies in the Hospitality industry
  • World famous Fashion brands
  • Leading companies in the Automobile industry
  • Key players from the Mining industry



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10 - 100 users



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